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Many people need care and assistance to deal with the specific challenges they face in everyday life due to their old age and physical constraints. Some of them become isolated from family and suffer from stress and frustration while facing challenges in leading a comfortable and peaceful life. 

It is a crucial phase of life and a transition period that most of us have to deal with especially if we suffer from any kind of disability. Arafura Care and Support Services believe that people at this stage need empathetic and nurturing support to boost their physical and mental capabilities.

As everyone’s circumstances are unique, we design our care plans appropriately tailored to the individual and take into account factors such as age, gender, and family relationships. 

Our dedicated and professional team aims at helping those people with a range of specialised, expert care services to suit their specific needs at this stage of life. The objective is to make you confident and safe being supported by some trusted people

Besides giving physical assistance, we provide you counseling and necessary emotional support to handle the issues during this transitional phase when you need proper attention and care. 

We have rich expertise and skills to guide you overcome your intellectual, physical and communication disabilities and enhance your emotional, personal, and social engagements.