Daily Personal Activities (High)

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It can be a challenging task for someone with disabilities to manage their daily affairs conveniently. If you are living with disabilities, you need support with everyday personal activities to live independently and with dignity. 

Arafura Care and Support Services is a leading NDIS service provider, offering assistance to perform your daily self-care tasks to help you maintain appropriate standards of hygiene and grooming.

We know, people living with disabilities have a unique set of requirements that needs specialized attention and support. That’s why we have designed our services to provide assistance that is completely personalized in response to your special needs and ensure your comfort and convenience.

The disability support workers of Arafura offer you professional service and assist in daily personal activities for taking care of your personal tasks as well as medical and health requirements. Such services are related to assistance with daily personal activities or supervision of personal tasks of daily life in the following way: 

  • Helping with your daily hygiene needs, such as showering, brushing, toileting, etc. 
  • Assistance with meal preparation and feeding yourself. 
  • Clothes dressing and providing grooming services like shaving etc. 
  • Help you take medications as per the doctor’s advice.
  • Helping you in movement in and around the home.

We believe that the relationship you develop with the support worker is very important because the nature of the care is truly personalized. So we ensure you need to feel comfortable with our support team that works with you.

Arafura Care and Support Services have a team of dedicated and compassionate support staff providing high-quality and efficient support services. We flexibly design our plans with complete control over the choice of services that perfectly match your goals and the lifestyle you would like to lead.