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Arafura Care and Support Services work on a mission to take care of your personalized needs when you are going through some challenges due to disabilities. We aim to deliver quality services with care and compassion to make a positive impact in your daily life.

We are ready to provide personal care support as required by you across a variety of settings, whether you are living alone at home, living with family, or undertaking social, recreational, educational, or employment activities away from home. 

Our team is committed to provide you with caring and nurturing support that help you carry out personal activities conveniently without facing any challenges. 

Our service begins with an initial assessment conducted by our expert team of client care managers who will design a customized plan for you considering all your requirements. It would help us provide you with the most effective assistance you are comfortable with.

Our teams of friendly and trained workers provide trusted and reliable assistance in various daily personal activities such as cleaning, maintenance, laundry, gardening, meal preparation, shopping, etc.

Arafura Care and Support Services have significant experience in delivering a range of services to disabled people. Our objective is to help you lead a life with ease and confidence by giving access to such services as per your preference of time and location.