Implementing Restraint / Restrictive Practices

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Restricted activity is common among community-living older and disabled persons and it is usually attributable to several health-related issues. Restricted activities may be recommended following major health issues, prolonged treatment, or surgical procedures in concerned persons. It may include limited movements or having cut down on usual activities because of an illness, injury, or another problem.

If you are advised to follow restraint practices, you need extra care and specific assistance to implement restrictive or restraint practices while performing routine activities. 

Our support staff attends to you all the time and ensures that restrictive activities are being followed as per advice.

The empathetic, friendly, and dedicated support workers of Arafura offer you valuable guidance and assistance in following the restrictive practices helping you lead a stress-free healthy life.

 In case of the requirements for going out for social or official work or traveling for other activities, the support staff gives all necessary assistance to you by arranging transport and helping you to travel without facing difficulties. 

We ensure that clients have easy access to support workers who can ensure personalized care and safety.

You may be concerned with your limitations and hesitate to join the community or social activities. We, at Arafura Care, believe that persons experiencing constraints due to old age or health issues also have the right to enjoy life to the fullest. 

So we make all efforts to get you involved in activities you wish, while taking care of the restrictive activities.