Personal Activities (High)

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The mission of Arafura care and Support Services is to provide all necessary support to people with disability to help them move on their life journey with better motivation and confidence. We have significant experience delivering support care services on a person-centric model. 

The experts from the company will visit your home to listen to your needs and make necessary plans to provide services matching your requirements. 

Our trusted and reliable support workers will assist you in various personal activities starting from shopping, cooking, attending appointments, managing medications and also assisting in financial and legal matters as per your requirements.

We engage experienced support staff to assist you so that you do not face any problems in managing your work that involves housekeeping, gardening, cleaning, and other personal affairs. We also help you in traveling whether it’s for shopping, meeting someone, official visits or just moving out to spend some personal time. 

We also help you keep engaged in recreational activities or hobbies that make you relaxed, motivated, and confident to deal with physical constraints. 

We aim to minimise your stress and confusion arising out of the physical challenges while carrying out personal activities and ensure your comfort and convenience. We assure you that you will get the safest, most reliable, and most personalised care and services from us whenever required.