Group/Centre Activities

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Group And Centre Based Activities

We at ACASS assist you to participate in group-based, social, and recreational activities. These activities connect you with caretakers and community members to help you to bring the resources that you truly need to live a happy and fun-filled life. Our caretakers will assist you in every possible way to provide you with the services that you truly waiting for a long. These group-based activities help you to strengthen your interpersonal skills and goals.

Here is the snapshot of the group and centre-based activities that we assist you in participating with:

  • Cooking/Baking Activities
  • Yoga or Meditation
  • Dance Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Painting or Drawing
  • Art & Craft
  • Pilates
  • Knitting
  • And Many More

Although most of the activities are covered under the NDIS plan, still there are a few activities that are not covered under the NDIS plan. These includes:

  • Entry fees or any ticket to venues including museums, theatres, etc.
  • Meals and beverages consumed during the activities are not funded by NDIS.
  • Equipment costs like the cost of sports equipment or the cost of any other types of equipment related to disability.
  • Entry fees or any tickets for your friends, family, or caretaker are not covered.