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Participate Community

Anyone who has been forced to stay in one house knows how distressing it can be. It is really challenging for people living with disabilities to go out in the community even for simple chores like grocery shopping. Our staff have special skills and talents to help clients to go out to experience what the community offers.

Are You Looking For Community Participation Services?

Everyone richly deserves to be a part of the community they belong to, including the people with disabilities. This is only possible with the support needed to go out and engage with the local community.

We can help you to explore social activities and help strengthen community relationships, whether it is assistance to join an art class or a social group, learn an instrument, go out to a gym, watch a live show, or go on a tour. This service is designed with an aim to help people with disabilities to attain their goals in the community.

With us, you are free to tell what activities you would like to do and how you want to be supported. Considering your unique needs, we strive to design the individual package for you.