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As a registered NDIS service provider, the plan manager at ACASS is dedicated and passionate when it comes to navigating your NDIS plan. Our plan manager will help you to get the most out of your NDIS funding so you don’t run out of money and are able to explore all the services you have even imagined. This will minimise your burden to remember paying multiple providers for different services and keep all necessary documentation prepared. 

How ACASS Plan Manager Will Assist You?

  • Make payments to your providers on your behalf.
  • Receive invoices from providers and check them for accuracy. 
  • Monitor your NDIS budget so you can able to explore all necessary services.
  • Send you regular notice to help you know how much you have used your NDIS plan.
  • Communicate with your provider about service transactions.
  • Update you if any changes are made in the NDIS pricing on time.
  • Maintain all your records and invoices during your NDIS journey.
  • Manage your NDIS bills
  • And all provide you complete support in many other ways.

To know more about, how the plan manager at ACASS will support you during your NDIS journey, contact us now.